There are a lot of different types of water filter cartridges, and each one is made a little differently.

In general, though, most water filter cartridges are made up of activated carbon and porous material like zeolite or perlite. This combination helps to remove harmful contaminants from your water while also reducing bad taste and odor.

Some are made of carbon, which can remove chlorine and other chemicals from water. Others are made of materials that trap bacteria and other impurities.

It’s important to know what your cartridge is made of, so you can be sure it is effective in removing contaminants from your water.

So, how do you tell if your cartridge is made of activated carbon or other materials?

If it’s not labeled, you may want to check with the manufacturer. If it is labeled, look at the description. If the water filter cartridge has a “carbon block” in the description, there is a good chance it contains activated carbon.

If the filter cartridge is labeled as “organic block” or “adsorptive” there is a good chance it contains activated carbon, but these terms can sometimes be used to describe cartridges with other materials too

In general, though, almost all water filters that give you clean and great tasting water contain a combination of activated carbon and another material that removes contaminants from your drinking water.

What are water filter housings made of?

Water filters come in numerous sizes and shapes. Most home units have plastic housings which will also need replacement after time on some brands.

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Commercial grade units usually have stainless steel housings unless they are on pumps like the Big Berkey gravity-fed systems which do not use any filtration systems.

The housing of the water filters used in residential homes is usually made of sturdy plastic. Most are BPA free in order to ensure your safety in drinking water

Beverage companies have also started using this material in their water bottles.

What do you do with old water filter cartridges?

If your cartridge is made of activated carbon, there are a few things to remember when you are done with it.

Don’t throw the cartridge into the garbage, as it could be a hazard for sanitation workers. Instead, look into recycling options in your area. Some cartridge materials can be an environmental hazard, so check to make sure it won’t cause problems in the recycling process and with how it’s disposed of.

If your cartridge is made of another material, you can usually throw it away in the garbage. Unless it contains lead or copper, there is no danger to workers who handle trash. Of course, check with local authorities to make sure this is okay.

What is a cartridge filter element?

At the heart of every water filter system is the cartridge filter element. This cartridge is the part that removes impurities from your water in order to make it better tasting and healthier for you to drink.

This is often where brands differentiate themselves in terms of their filtration technology. Some use activated carbon, while others use ceramic balls or special resins

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For most home units, this filter is usually housed in a sturdy plastic cartridge. It might be the only part of the filter system you ever need to replace.

What material is the best filter?

In general, there are many types of filters on the market that can be effective at reducing impurities from your water.

The best value may be a simple carbon filter that is easy to use and inexpensive.

Some systems can be cumbersome or lack advanced filtering technology. In this case, a pitcher filter with activated carbon may be a better option.

If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, a home reverse osmosis system is likely your best bet for clean drinking water.

When choosing a water filter, remember that there are many different types of materials used in cartridges. The best one for you depends on what you want from your drinking water.

Final Thoughts

Filtering your drinking water with a cartridge filter is an easy way to ensure great tasting, clean drinking water.

Remember that activated carbon cartridges are the most common in-home units, but not the only option.

Other filters use resin or a special type of ceramic cartridge to make your water cleaner.

Also, check which materials can be recycled and look into this when you are disposing of old cartridges from your water filter system.

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