10 Best Water Filter Pitchers – Review

Do you want a fresh, clean glass of water every time you need it? Do you want to drink your tap water without worrying about contaminants? If so, then a water filter pitcher is for you.

The best type of filter pitchers is those that have activated charcoal as the main filtration medium. This type of material can remove many harmful substances from drinking water such as chlorine and many other types of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Below I will review some best-selling models on Amazon with customer reviews and ratings so that readers can choose the one that’s right for them.

Brita Extra Large 18 Cup Filtered Water Dispenser

Brita brings you the best-filtered water dispenser with delicious tasting, cleaner filtered water. With this space-efficient design, Brita will fit perfectly in your refrigerator and also features an easy locking lid and precision pour spigot.

And to top it off, Brita is #1 in water filters for reducing chlorine (taste & odor), mercury, copper, zinc, and cadmium.

Get great-tasting water without waste. No more wasting empty plastic water bottles with Brita’s UltraMax filtering technology.

Not only does it filter well by removing chlorine, mercury, copper, and zinc; but this space-efficient filtered water dispenser fits perfectly on refrigerator shelves with an easy locking lid and precision pour spigot.

At 3 pounds, this dispenses 18 cups of 16 oz or 328 ounces (64 total gallons) in under 24 hours thanks to the advanced efficiency sensor that monitors flow rate to provide clean filtered water when you need it most.

LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitchers and Dispenser

Meeting all FDA approvals, this pitcher is vacuum-sealed and sealed to release a no smell or film when drinking from any of the filters including the final straw filter which reduces chlorine taste and odor.

The ultimate partner for on-the-go families who are always on the go! Hydrate at every meal without leaving a carbon footprint that would otherwise be left by bottled water.

Life Straw Home offers tastier filtered beverages, mineral preservation, and keeps all your nutritional needs in full throttle condition while preventing contaminants from getting into your system.

Super affordable, lightweight, portable – it’s just a pitcher that makes sitting down to a glass of water an effortless, simple task.

Epic Pure Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water

Epic Pure offers a variety of water filter pitchers and is the only fluorine-free filter on the market. The family of water filter products helps to make drinking purified, filtered water safer for your entire household, year-round.

Take back control over what you drink: Epic Pure provides all of the specific fluoride removals you need without any cellulose like some other brands that use unsafe chemicals in their filters.

For best results change out your fluorine removal pitcher after 12 months or when capacity reaches 1 quart per week (1 oz each day).

Combining these features with the world’s best and most environmentally conscious carbon block filtration – you can rest assured that your fluoride levels will be lowered, mercury levels minimized and the taste of chlorine disappeared.

The Epic Pure refrigerator filtered water jug is specially designed to fit on the shelf of most refrigerators. This large pitcher dispenses purified water easily, yet fits in tight spaces so you don’t have to worry about where to put it.

This refrigerator filter pitcher will keep your family drinking clear filtered water for years to come. This pitcher is made with a proprietary formulated solid carbon block that removes fluoride and exceeds safety standards by meeting ANSI/NSF 42, 53, 401 & 473.

Nakii by Aquaphor Elegant Water Filter Pitcher

The Nakii by Aquaphor elegant water filtration pitcher is an A5 filtration pitcher that removes chlorine, particles, rust, silt, and dirt.

This 8-stage filter can remove even the smallest traces of sediments while improving taste with its activated silver coating- making it your safest choice for your health and lifestyle.

The AQUALEN technology is the newest innovation that sets this pitcher apart from others, as it helps with heavy metals and bacteria that provide you with water that tastes good and is healthy.

The innovative Nakii Filter Pitcher by Aquaphor is perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint and improve the taste and quality of their water.

The exceptional device was designed and manufactured in Europe, with food-grade SAN plastic, high-grade BPA Free materials that will keep your water tasting delicious all the time.

pH Recharge 3F Alkaline Water Filter

The pH Recharge 3F Alkaline Water Filter is a low-maintenance and stylish way to filter water right in your kitchen! Experience the benefits of ionized alkalinity, higher-quality taste, and smell.

Naturally filters out chlorine & other harmful chemicals.

The pH Recharge water filter is a simple solution to softening and alkalizing your tap water. Its fast-acting filtration system filters out harmful substances from the water, leaving you with clean, pure drinking water. And it’s super easy to install too.

Built with a steel housing designed with an innovative anti-slip coating & Swiss-engineered components – this rechargeable filer can last 8 years or more without needing replacement.

The pH Recharge 3F Alkaline water filter can be used in both household or office settings, filtering up to 12.5 liters of water per filter.

ZeroWater ZD-018 ZD018, 23 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Your water will be up to 100% cleaner with ZeroWater, the only pour-through filter certified by NSF to reduce lead, chromium, and PFOA/PFOS for your health.

Reduce your risk of chemical exposure with this 5-stage filtration system that removes more impurities than any other brand. With an estimated 20-gallon filter life span, you can enjoy clean, fresh-tasting water without needing to worry about changing the cartridge every few weeks.

The 5-stage filtration system on ZeroWater ZD-018 ZD018 removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids from your drinking water for a pure taste.

This 23 Cup Pitcher comes with a free TDS meter so you know the quality of your filtered tap water before and after filtering it through this pitcher. These filters have been NSF certified to reduce Lead, Chromium & PFOA/PFOS in addition to any other existing chloramine in the tap, stainless steel spigot dispenses perfectly clean tasting water with just one push.

All Prime 2.5 Liter Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

With the All Prime 2.5 Liter Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher, you can enjoy healthful and flavorful water at every faucet.

The pitcher transforms tap water to alkaline and removes contaminants; Far-infrared ceramic balls increase pH levels as well as 20 essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Available in four colors, this gravity-fed filter includes 1 2.50 liter alkaline water pitcher, 2 replacement filters plus 20 3-in-1 strips for up to six months of protection from hard scale buildup on your sink’s pipes.

Just about anyone can install the system within minutes.

The All Prime 2.5 Liter Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher comes in four colors and is made with a BPA-free Tritan material that’s very lightweight and easy to use in any household.

This pitcher includes a digital indicator and timer for easy monitoring. It also removes contaminants such as lead particles and copper ions through a trusted filtration process, contains far-infrared ceramic balls to add essential minerals, increased alkalinity in pH levels of tap water – all while being BPA-free.

Vitapur VWP2566BL 6 Cup Filtration water pitcher

Forget the unreliable electric, expensive filters that take up counter space – this classic water filter uses a universal filter.

After all, who knows your home better than you? Plus no more waiting 24 hours for every fresh glass of H2O- just fill to the max and let nature be its own timekeeper.

Not only is it a great, sleek design for any contemporary kitchen, but also an easy way to keep that healthy glow all year long.

The best part of this pitcher is that its universal filter will work on most other brands of pitchers and the mesh screen lets you know when it’s time to change the filter – so no need to worry about coming back reevaluating after a few months just in case things might have gone wrong.

The Vitapur VWP2566BL 6 Cup Filtration Water Pitcher with Universal Filter provides refreshing clean tasting drinking water without compromising quality or taste.

Made with a tough BPA-free plastic body, this model has an easy pour spout on the front, wide enough for ice cubes to pass through easily.

Unlike most pitchers designed to fit in fridge doors, this pitcher sits upright on any special place in the home like countertops or tables making it more convenient than ever before when refilling iced tea glasses for a family get-together.

Also included with the pitcher is a free single filter for you to enjoy cleaner drinking water right away, but remember to purchase its universal filters separately when it’s time to change out.

Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline water Filter Pitcher

With a built-in, easily refillable tank of 3.8 liters and a sleek rounded design that fits nicely in your fridge door, it can’t be easier to enjoy those tasty drops of healthy hydration.

Eliminate the need for disposable plastic water bottles by using this high-quality filtration pitcher. Whether you’re looking to replace a plastic filter, enjoy more refreshing alkaline water from your fridge or have an emergency backup plan, this is the perfect solution.

The small size makes it easy to store in between glass cups.

The large 3.8L tank offers plenty of tasting and driving means that you won’t run out in a major hurry.

On top of that, there’s no exposure outside air when filling the reservoir which helps preserve its purity and taste without exposure to pollutants or contaminants from freshwater sources.

The Ehm Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is a BPA-free pitcher made of high-quality materials to reduce the risk of bacteria build-up and preserves the taste and purity of your drinking water

It’s great for an emergency replacement filter, or just as a reliable way to enjoy better tasting, healthier drinking water without persisting on pricey bottled water.

The best part of this model is that it comes with a filter – so you can get started enjoying healthy hydration right away.

Reshape Water 10-Cup Alkaline Water Pitcher

This 10-cup water pitcher is perfect for those looking to drink healthy alkaline water every day. Filtered with ionized minerals, this filtration system will make even hard water softer and improve your drinking experience.

Conveniently made of BPA-free plastic, the Reshape Jar filters out both chlorine and other contaminants to provide a safer, more pure mineral-rich H20.

This lifetime filter lasts up to 75 days per filter at filtering 300 liters (up to 79 gallons) or an 80-gallon tank in just one change.

It filters at least 300 liters (79 gallons) worth of water before needing to be replaced.

Plus it includes mineral-rich filters that release the right amount of Magnesium, Potassium, Calcium, and Sodium for softening hard water and delivering a premium silky-smooth H20.

Best of all, this filtered drinking water benefits your whole house as well.

Final Thoughts

When deciding on a water filter for your home, be sure to look at the quality and durability of the product.

So it is important to consider how many people you need to supply with filtered water for drinking and cooking purposes as this will help determine your filter requirement.

Remember to check what type of water filter is needed for your home, and be sure that the filter cartridges are easy to replace.

Also important is the H2O filtration solution’s capacity, which should meet all your water needs.

Filter pitchers with larger capacities allow more people to enjoy filtered water without having to keep refilling it all the time.