10 Best Salt For Water Softener – Reviews [Jan 2021]

Water isn’t merely, well, water! While talking approximately water and home equipment, you have to bear in mind hard and soft water. If you didn’t assume that water may be tough, we’re here to inform you of the opposite.

In fact, the so-referred to as hard water may be the only answerable for the watermarks, stains, or filmy residue, which you may have for your bathtubs and sinks. But, did you understand that hard water also can lower the lifespan of the appliances that use water, in addition to your own home’s plumbing?

That is due to the fact hard water comes with magnesium and calcium – in short, it has excessive mineral content material. The presence of those minerals can severely affect commercial settings, including cooling towers, boilers, and so on.

How do you cast off the problematic water? Nicely – you don’t! Instead, you put in a water softener in your water supply and then purchase the appropriate salt for it. Home equipment equipped with the fine salt for water softeners will make sure that the purest tender water is used.

Let’s now take a look at a few reviews of the salt for water softeners, after which we’ll tell you the entirety which you want to recognize approximately the salt that you have to put in your water softener!

10 Best Salt For Water Softener Comparison Table

1. Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener Check Price
2. Morton Salt Morton F124700000g Water Softener Pellets Check Price
3. PRO RUST OUT Water Softener Cleaner Check Price
4. Morton U26624S Pure AND Natural Water Softening Crystals Check Price
5. Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt Check Price
6. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag Check Price
7. Nature's Own Potassium Chloride Crystal Cubes Check Price
8. Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets Check Price
9. Impresa Dishwasher/Water Softener Salt – 4.4 Lb Bag Check Price
10. Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Softener Salt- 50 Lb Bag Check Price

10 Best Salt For Water Softener – Reviews

1. Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener

Morton Salt 1501 Clean Protect System Water Softener

These water softener pellets from Morton come with a rating of 4 stars, making this product one of the excellent in terms of salt for water softeners. On the pinnacle of that, this precise object is the primary seller in the water softeners category.

Consequently, you could need to present it in an attempt. But, earlier than you make your preference, allow’s take a look at this product’s pros and cons, as you may possibly make a choice without knowing such data.

  • 50lb bag is full of water softener salt pellets.
  • Manufactured in the US
  • Very easy and straightforward to use
  • Can extend the life of water heaters
  • Improves the efficiency of water-based appliances
  • The package comes with an open tab and a hard handle, making it easier to carry the bag and pour salt from it
  • Some customers found the product a bit too pricey
  • Reportedly, some users found the bag too heavy and recommended a hand cart for those suffering from arthritis or such




2. Morton Salt Morton F124700000g Water Softener Pellets

Morton Salt Morton F124700000g Water Softener Pellets

The other one product on our list comes from Morton as well – this time, with a tad higher score, of 4.5 stars. This time, the bag is 10 lbs. Lighter, making transportation easier.

The product can enhance the taste of water and also can save you rust stains on laundry and appliances.

  • It prevents rust stains on appliances and laundry
  • It can also prevent scale buildup in pipes and water heaters
  • Most consumers stated that they are very happy with this product and didn’t feel like trying others
  • It comes in good packaging material
  • Even if it is ten lbs. lighter than the previous Morton product, some users still claim that the bag is too heavy and it’s difficult to carry
  • Again, there were some customers stating that the salt bag is a bit overpriced




3. PRO RUST OUT Water Softener Cleaner

PRO RUST OUT Water Softener Cleaner

The rusts out water softener cleaner from pro products is specifically designed for excessive-iron water. A pinnacle of the label claims that this unique type of salt can repair the overall performance of the water softener.

It’s far made in u.s.a. And it’s far capable of removing rust stains from sinks, lavatories, showers, and tubs.

  • Reportedly, it can clean the water softener’s resin bed of the iron buildup
  • Very easy to use
  • As mentioned above, this cleaner can maintain your water softener at peak effectiveness and efficiency
  • It doesn’t make a difference right off – you have to use it for around 3 weeks for the first results and 8 weeks for the best results
  • The product is reactive – so make sure where and how you mix it before pouring it into the water softener
  • It is recommended that you use a dust mask when pouring it, as you don’t want to breathe its dust particles




4. Morton U26624S Pure AND Natural Water Softening Crystals

Morton U26624S Pure AND Natural Water Softening Crystals

The third Morton product from our listing comes inside the form of crystals and, all over again, in a forty lbs bag. Sure, the baggage is pretty heavy. However, for the reason that you have to use one bag every single month, it’s simplest herbal that it’d contain a variety of salt.

That is an all-herbal product and might even offer your pores and skin and hair with a softer feeling. Moreover, soaps and detergents will lather better with this type of salt in your water softener.

  • Less rust buildup within your water-based appliances
  • Easier laundry and dish cleaning – since soft water does not leave hard residue on them
  • High-purity sodium chloride.
  • Some users reported a strange sulfur smell to their water after using this product
  • Slightly overpriced – mainly because shipping heavier products cost more




5. Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt

Cargill Salt 7304 Water Softener Salt

This Cargill water softener salt comes with a four-celebrity evaluation. The product is classified as sun natural salt crystals, and it is polybagged, weighing forty lbs. Some humans determined to apply sun salt crystals due to the fact they may be usually cleaner and extra efficient than the standard rock salt that maximum merchandise features.

The best element about this product is that it requires no channeling, mushing, or bridging. Moreover, this item can also be used for rooster and meat processing if needed.

  • More efficient and reportedly cleaner than rock salt
  • Polybagged
  • Usable in the curing of pickles and olives, as well as in the quality-grading of raw vegetables
  • The package features moisture protection
  • Again, some users complained about the product’s price – mainly its shipping costs
  • A few customers reported it is not as effective as Morton’s salt, for example. However, a majority of people found both salts useful for their intended use




6. Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag

Diamond Crystal Water Softener Bag

The diamond crystal water softener salt is classified as a salt alternative because it really is potassium chloride. Reportedly, it works in all kinds of water softeners. This particular product comes with a five-big name score on amazon.

It’s far taken into consideration the right opportunity desire to the same old sodium chloride – potassium chloride can be used in the water supposed for plants and animals. Way to it, household fixtures and home equipment will not have yellow/rusty stains on them. Furthermore, the pipes and valves get clogged as often as before.

  • Helps brighten and whiten laundry
  • Detergents and soap will clean better after pouring such salt into your water softener
  • The product is based on potassium chloride, which has low insoluble content

  • Some customers stated that shipping was a bit rough for their bags, as they showed up banged and dented – however, this did not affect the salt bags




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7. Nature’s Own Potassium Chloride Crystal Cubes

Nature's Own Potassium Chloride Crystal Cubes

Sodium-primarily based merchandise isn’t for each person. some human beings are concerned about its impact on kidney function and different potential health issues. Even though no evidence using sodium-based totally salt can affect a mean individual’s health, those with kidney problems would possibly want to live far from them. You don’t must be stricken by a kidney-associated disorder, this is a fantastic alternative in case you want to keep away from sodium in the standard.

A few could don’t forget potassium salts to be a more fitted option than sodium, but the jury’s still out. In any event, potassium-primarily based salts have loads to provide.

  • Good at maintaining water softener’s ability to reduce or eliminate water hardness
  • Better for the environment, since potassium is much healthier to plants than sodium
  • The bag contains 40lb of potassium chloride
  • The more expensive side since the production of potassium salts doesn’t have the economy of scale of sodium salts




8. Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

The enterprise leader Morton is likewise in on the act to provide customers a choice of going sodium-unfastened. The Morton potassium chloride pellets are, in particular, designed to will let you revel in all of the benefits of switching from sodium to potassium.

To begin with, these pellets result in 20% lower chloride discharge in comparison to their sodium-based counterparts, which means that you could use much less water to regenerate your water softener. The

Ninety-nine % purity guarantees fantastic overall performance and affords customers with enough degrees of potassium, which is an essential nutrient.

  • The lower chloride discharge makes pellets very eco-friendly
  • the quality of Morton product may well justify the price
  • It comes in 40lb bag to last give or take a full month




9. Impresa Dishwasher/Water Softener Salt – 4.4 Lb Bag

Impresa Dishwasher/Water Softener Salt – 4.4 Lb Bag

Dishwasher water softening salt that comes in a smaller package deal than the rest of the spices in this review, for dishwashing applications most effective. It is an excellent, coarse-grain salt which cuts via harsh water residue, so no hint of minerals remains for your dishes. This product is likewise universally well suited, so it will work together with your dishwasher as correctly.

This product is high-quality for its low price and excellent, given what it is supposed to do. One bag can last for some time and definitely works well. It is manufactured by using a small wholesale employer that still sells high-quality small toys, reptile and amphibian merchandise, and descaling answers.

  • Pure, natural salt pellets with no caking compounds, iodine, or other additives
  • It is also universally compatible and able to remove the hardness in water
  • Highly affordable
  • It is only used for dishwasher appliances
  • The product is not designed for all water softeners




10. Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Softener Salt- 50 Lb Bag.

Diamond Crystal Solar Naturals Softener Salt- 50 Lb Bag.

This handy product is less costly, clean to discover, and crafted from the salt that comes from seawater. The solubility of sun salt is in among evaporated salts we noticed in advance on this assessment and rock salt, which is relatively low insolubility. It really works only as extremely good for people who do now not require intensive softening.

This salt comes from herbal seawater, is coarse screened, and crystalline. It’s miles a high purity salt with ninety-nine sodium chloride crystals dried up with the aid of solar and wind. It’s particularly impressive because it incorporates actually no components whatsoever.

This is a food-grade salt that can be used for softening consuming water with minimal waste. In filtered brine shape, it may be used to process meat and fowl, besides, to make olives and pickles. The same salt, in a more focused way, can be used in disguise curing and elimination of snow and ice along winter sidewalks.

  • This product comes in crystal form smaller than pellets, and thus less likely to cause buildup within your softening system
  • Solubility tends to be higher than rock salts and slightly lower than evaporated salts
  • They don’t do anything special to make sure your appliances do not get damaged
  • Water not intended for drinking, in most cases



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